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Our fifteen schools form the framework for our teaching and research


Schools at Jonathan Bay University

Jonathan Bay University’s fifteen schools look after all undergraduate and graduate distance learning programs and general course offerings. Under each school of study, the dean of the school works closely with the faculty & staff to ensure a balance is maintained between the demand for specialization and the need to provide a strong academic foundation for students.

Jonathan Bay University is a place born of vision and defined by the pursuit of the utmost academic excellence.

School of Business & Management

Jonathan Bay University is committed to changing lives through education. The school helps you develop links with hundreds of educational institutes, giving you multiple opportunities to gain hands on practical experience and learn how to tackle professional challenges. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge results in the successful careers of our students.

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School of Computer Science

At Jonathan Bay School of Computer Science you will be exposed to an unparalleled educational experience that will put you on a higher position than others. Equipped with world class faculty and state of the art teaching methods, the school aims to educate students, allowing them to learn a wide range of computer skills and excel in their respective fields.

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School of Law & Legal

Jonathan Bay School of Law and Legal studies aspires to open new views in the areas of law and legal studies through an incessant endeavor. The School specializes in areas of legal theory and sciences and excels at creating competent legal professionals by providing an academic curricula including legal theory, practice and action.

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School of Social Science

The School of Social Sciences focuses on how people think as individuals and their behavior in the society. At School of Social Sciences, we seek to uncover news areas of the field, adopting a combined framework of both theory and practicality, allowing students to gain the knowledge and skills required for a successful career.

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School of Health Science

The School of Health Sciences at Jonathan Bay University is an international leader in finding ways to maximize health of people and improve quality. Being a global leader in providing healthcare education, the school offers outstanding teaching based on scientific researches, preparing students to become practicing professional and improve healthcare.

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School of Education

Jonathan Bay School of Education continues its successful journey as a world leader in ground breaking, cross disciplinary inquiries. The school focuses on designating quality education. Our thoroughly designed courses led by professional faculty ensure students get essential knowledge to become educational leaders.

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School of Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice at Jonathan Bay University is the pioneer in international education on crime & justice issues, and offers a wide range of programs to advance your career. Aiming to fulfil its mission of creating a robust justice system, students with a will to make an impactful contribution towards social welfare.

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School of Engineering

An exceptional community of students, educators and engineering practitioners, the Jonathan Bay School of Engineering is educating the next generation. JBU is pioneer of educational innovation and technological development, with a commitment to create the next generation of engineers equipped with futuristic technical skills.

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School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts provides excellence in arts education through a diverse curriculum, while fostering creativity. The school redefines art education through a wide assortment of courses that foster innovation, excellence and creativity, allowing students to identify their areas of expertise and polish their talents.

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School of Natural Science

The Jonathan Bay School of Natural Science encourages students to pursue their professional career in the field of Natural Sciences by provoking them to explore the potential areas of research and discovery that this field encompasses, and excel in their future careers.

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School of Occupational Safety & Fire Science

The curriculum at JBU is designed to foster critical thinking and analytical skills giving students the opportunity to explore various careers in field. A degree is Occupational Safety and Fire Science allows students to improve the lives of others, and positively impact their lives; creating a safe and secure environment for individuals.

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School of Applied Arts

Known for the comprehensiveness of its programs, the school is in a unique position to explore what it means to be an art college in the twenty-first century. The school of applied arts allows schools to explore their skills, and recognize their true potential, therefore, truly understanding the field and contributing to the future development of art and design.

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School of Social Services

The School of Social Service at Jonathan Bay University has defined the field of social work and social welfare. Our programs caters to the specific Social Service academic needs of students and offers degrees, diplomas and certification in the field.

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School of Psychology

The School of Psychology at Jonathan Bay University is one of the oldest and has produced hundreds of graduates who are now known for their work in the field. The school is committed to delivering academic excellence in the field of psychology, enriching students with exceptional research and coursework, preparing them to become competent psychologists.

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School of Political Science & Public Administration

The School of Political Science and Public Administration at Jonathan Bay University is a complete teaching unit equipped with world’s best faculty. The school uses the latest mechanism of educational delivery led by current leaders of the field as faculty who provide the skills and knowledge required to create politically sound and competent leaders.

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