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Faculty Committed to Help you Achieve Unmatched Academic Excellence

Our faculty members are experienced professionals, scholars and researchers who support our mission of making higher education accessible and affordable. Our faculty teach what they practice. All our faculty members have advanced degree in their area of specialization they are teaching. Faculty at Jonathan Bay University helps you put skills into practice the right way. Faculty members communicate with University’s top management and a panel of industry experts to develop course curriculum.

Faculty members that are experts in their field, leaders in their industry and have an unparalleled love of teaching

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Faculty Ethinic Breakdown


Faculty Breakdown by School


Featured Faculty

Faculty Of Engineering

  • William D. Bickel Head of Department

  • James K. Key Senior Professor

  • Peter T. Middaugh Professor

  • Laure L. Honeycutt Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Political Science

  • Emily C. Escobedo Head of Department

  • Kendall B. Warren Senior Professor

  • Jorge I. Allred Professor

  • Reginald J. Brookshire Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Performing Arts

  • Dr. Claris B. Gallagher Head of Department

  • Melvin C. Christie Senior Professor

  • Ashley A. Eldridge Professor

  • Mark J. Weise Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Social Sciences

  • Charles J. Cox Head of Department

  • Brian C. Sadler Senior Professor

  • Jerry F. Fiala Professor

  • Vincent C. Larson Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Law And Legal Studies

  • Anna W. Victor Head of Department

  • Tommy A. Caldwell Senior Professor

  • Robert P. Polzin Professor

  • Emily C. Escobedo Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Criminal Justice

  • Joseph E. Spruill Head of Department

  • Thomas C. Brown Senior Professor

  • Victoria M. Espinoza Professor

  • Elizabeth J. Palacios Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Social Services

  • Mary D. Hernandez Head of Department

  • April D. Pittman Senior Professor

  • Donald E. Mitchell Professor

  • Jeffrey J. Powell Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Business And Management

  • Ruby G. Garcia Head of Department

  • Allen M. Gonzalez Senior Professor

  • Neil A. Reynolds Professor

  • David G. Ledezma Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Health Science

  • John R. Ray Head of Department

  • Paul B. Diaz Senior Professor

  • John J. Classen Professor

  • Laura C. Brown Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Occupational Safety Fire Sciences

  • Larry B. Sampson Head of Department

  • Troy C. McGee Senior Professor

  • Darren C. Spillane Professor

  • Kathleen M. Gillespie Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Computer Science

  • Edward C. Wilson Head of Department

  • Danial E. Lemon Senior Professor

  • William S. Fiorentino Professor

  • Jennifer A. Richter Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Education

  • Dennis J. Freese Head of Department

  • Edgar D. Simonds Senior Professor

  • Richard T. Sheley Professor

  • Elizabeth J. Palacios Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Applied Arts

  • Craig E. Vargas Head of Department

  • Deshawn D. Franklin Senior Professor

  • George J. Lam Professor

  • Patrick J. Hann Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Psychology

  • Harold R. Beard Head of Department

  • Steven R. Vance Senior Professor

  • James A. Durocher Professor

  • Virginia A. Weingarten Assistant Professor

Faculty Of Natural Sciences

  • Dr. Donya T. Cole Head of Department

  • John M. Worthington Senior Professor

  • Roberto R. Ball Professor

  • Rudolph A. Moore Assistant Professor