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Offering various credit transfer options to reduce your tuition cost and speed up your graduation process.


Swift and easy transfer of credits

Complete your degree in lesser time by taking advantage of Jonathan Bay University’s Credit Transfer Program. JBU credit transfer programs helps you transfer upto 55% of the total courses to the program you have been accepted in. You can request a free of charge assessment, after proper evaluation of your transcripts, your credit hours are successfully transferred, which means you neither have to apply for those courses nor study them again

52% of total students enrolled in 2019 benefited from the credit transfer program

JBU Credit Transfer Options

75% JBU PLA applicants received more than 50% credits for their work and life experience in 2019
Get Credit for Work & Life Experience

Prior Learning Assessment

At Jonathan Bay University, your previous education and experience count! We don’t want to teach you what you already know, so we offer the option of getting credit for your prior learning. That could mean taking fewer courses to get your degree, saving you valuable time and money. A successful PLA assessment will award you credit toward the distance education program you have applied for. This means you get the following benefits:

  • Fewer courses to take
  • Faster program completion
  • Significant cost savings in course fees

Military Credits

We support your service and education. Through our military credit transfer service, Veteran, active duty or a military spouse, can help you pursue your education whether it is to enhance your military or civilian career goals. Explore education options that fit your military lifestyle the best.

College Transfer Credits

JBU grants credits to students for educational experiences or courses taken at other institutions. Students studying in renowned institutions across the globe can get their credits transferred to JBU and continue their education.

JBU Credit Transfer Facts

Transfers from traditional universities to JBU distance education programs


transfer students earned scholarships in 2019


average reduction in degree completion time