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When deciding on a career or occupation, it’s important for you to weigh the pros and cons, then make a decision. Determine and consider if your career choice fits well with your interests, skills, values and preferences. After careful thought and consideration, take action on your decision. Take the time to evaluate your choice. Be sure to review your initial goals and determine what has or has not yet been accomplished.

The most effective career decisions start here! We help you get where you want to be.

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Resume Development

Our writing experts help students draft a resume and cover letter that will wow their prospective employer! With their help, students are able to learn the essentials of resume writing and cover letter writing.

Career Advice

Identify your skills, interests, and values to discover career paths that are a good match. From exploration to experience, we’ve selected some of the varied resources out there to help you get started.

Interview Preparation

Have a job interview coming up? Doing a trial run can give you the preparation you need to nail the real thing. A mock interview can help you formulate smart answers and show you where your weak spots are.

Bridging the gap between learners and employers

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    More than 20 million job vacancies and leading employers to access their human capital needs

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    Well-structured and carefully thought out course curriculum and programs that meet employer needs

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The main reason why we employee graduates from Jonathan Bay University is their strong sense of passion and enthusiasm towards their work which adds great value to our business.

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  • Graduates are employed within the first year of graduation

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